Tip: Watch Tr3s Outside the US

With an abundance of Latinamerican content Tr3s is an absolute must have for anybody interested in culture and modern Latinamerican music. Accessibility to the videos is restricted from outside the USA but this constraint can be easily worked around by you.

The problem is from making their shows available for buffering worldwide, that Tr3s is restricted by certification contracts. Once the web site files your place is outside the United States you may notice this concept “Sorry, this video is unavailable out of your location” when attempting to view a video, like in this case as well. What has happened is that Tr3s has been able to find your location via your computers IP-address. I am assuming that you know what an IP-address is, but also for those of you who do not know I may inform you that it is a unique number that your pc inherits from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) when going on line. It truly is needed for the computer in order to communicate in any way in order.

The issue is that the IP-address is a tell tell indication of your location and most websites with country limitations use the IP-address location to be determined by of the visitors. Therefore so that you can around the restrictions you must connect via an American IP-address.

The way to Fake Access Tr3s and Your Local Area From Abroad
It is obviously a fairly simple procedure to access an American ip address. By linking to what’s referred to as VPN or a Virtual Private Network you will not be unable to inherit an IP address from a host found in the United States instead of your ISP. That way any website you connect with may believe that you’re American. Pretty intelligent if you ask me or read more.

There are several VPN providers out there and the vpn setup is easy, but I personally favor using Hide My Ass VPN
Costs and as their speed are some of the the best available on the market. After you have registered for the service you only download and install the program and choose a host in the United States where you wish to conceal. Once you have connected you re-load the Tr3s web site and you’ll now have the ability to view any video you enjoy.

As previously mentioned before this trick can be used for any website around the world which utilizes country limitations. So virtually any web site you enjoy can be unblocked by you, you get access to servers in 43 different countries around the world.

Anyway that is really all there’s to in case you want to view the video message from Tr3s and live outside the United States. Happy screening.

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