About PrivatVPN

I talked to PrivatVPN, here are their statements:

“1. We do not maintain logs that let a third party or us to match our support to a time-stamp to a consumer and an Internet Protocol address. The single factor we record are e-mails usernames and but it is impossible to bind a task online to your person.

2. We work in authority that is Remedial. Because no Internet Protocol addresses are logged by us we do not have anything to reveal. Conditions does not issue in this situation, we’ve got no info regarding our clients’ Internet Protocol addresses and action on the Web. So we don’t have any info to talk about with any third party.

3. We counsel our ip address to be blocked by that support in the primary case, if there is maltreatment, and 2nd, we are able to prevent visitors to the mistreated support.

4. The nation where we are getting a a DMCA take-down is depended on by this. By way of example, we have obtained a DMCA take down for Finland and Great Britain and our answer was to shut P2P visitors in these states.

5. Then we should do it, if we all get a court ruling to track a particular IP, which pertains to to every business out there.

6. Yes, Bittorrent visitors is allowed by us.

7. Paypal.com, Plimus and Payson. Every payment comes with an order quantity, which can be connected into a person. Otherwise we wouldn’t understand who has created a payment. To be obvious, you can not hyperlink an Internet Protocol address you get from us and a payment.

8. TUN with AES256. On best is a 2048- bit key .

PrivatVPN web site

1. No. Wo tend not to sign any such thing and we just need an operating email address to be a client.

2. Remedial. Info is not shared by us .

3. Maybe not revealed.

4. Place in the garbage where it goes!

5. N-one, because we don’t have no logs and some client info.

6. Such a thing is hosted by us as lengthy as it is maybe not SPAM child or related porn.

7. Bitcoin, Credit/Mastercard, paypal.com. No correlation coefficient between client info and transaction information. Read more.

8. We supply OpenVPN providers (as well as dedicated machines as well as additional hosting solutions).”

Read more: http://www.secretvibes.org/


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